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Transpennine Regional Research Network in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Cinema

The Regional Research Network in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Cinema is a group of specialist researchers from universities across the trans Pennine region who meet to share current research and discuss their expertise on Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American cinema.

Symposia organised by the network are open to the public, PhD students and other researchers and coincide with ¡Viva! Spanish and Latin American Festival, Manchester’s long-standing and much anticipated annual film festival that showcases productions from different Spanish regions and Latin American countries. The largest of its kind in the UK, ¡Viva! has developed into a multi-arts event bringing together experts and audiences to share ideas and demonstrates that the platform for celebrating Spanish and Latin American culture in the North West continues to grow.


Iberian and Latin American Cinemas in Dialogue 

A Peers Symposium held at the University of Liverpool on Friday 6 November 2015. With keynote speaker, Professor Rob Stone (University of Birmingham) and additional papers from Dr. Jo Evans (University College London), Dr. Abigail Loxham (University of Manchester), Dr. Dolores Tierney (University of Sussex), Dr. Maria do Carmo Piçarra (University of Reading) and Dr. Tatiana Heise (University of Glasgow). A report on the Peer Symposium can be viewed here.

New Contexts for Spanish Cinema

The Regional Research Network inaugural symposium was held on Saturday 7 May 2015. An exploration of the rapidly changing contexts for Spanish cinema with presentations from Andy Willis (University of Salford) Tom Whittaker (University of Liverpool) Dr. Abigail Loxham (University of Manchester) Dr. Carmen Herrero (Manchester Metropolitan University)  and Duncan Wheeler (University of Leeds). The symposium coincided with ¡Viva! New Spanish Cinema Weekender and included a public lecture from Professor Ann Davies (University of Stirling) on ‘Lasa eta Zabala: Old Conflicts and New Basque Cinema’.

7 November speakers’ key points

This first Manchester event gave us the opportunity to see some of the new network’s members present ongoing research in a relaxed context where it was particularly easy to watch out for, and comment on, different styles of presentation and projection. It also allowed people to pitch their personal research, over coffee or lunch, to others that perhaps they had never met before. For myself, it was great to recognise a wider network of research into Spanish Cinema across some of the Northern universities and an opportunity worth grabbing — even on a Saturday usually given over to other friends and commitments!

Dilys Jones, Researcher (University of Manchester)

Latin American Cinemas, European Markets

Experts from the Regional Network will meet to discuss the Latin American film industry and its audience. With invited keynote speaker Sarah Barrow (University of Lincoln) and additional papers from Nicola Astudillo-Jones (University of Manchester), Tiago De Luca (University of Liverpool), Stephanie Dennison (University of Leeds), Niamh Thornton (University of Liverpool), Amit Thakkar (University of Lancaster), Ignacio Aguiló  (University of Manchester) and public lecture from Deborah Shaw (University of Portsmouth). The symposium will take place in Room 5.03 in the Business School at Manchester Metropolitan University (number 4 on the map below).


Latin American Cinemas, European Markets: Beyond Neo-colonialism? – Sarah Barrow (University of Lincoln)

Consuming Latin America: The ¡Viva! Film Festival and Imagined Cosmopolitan Communities – Nicola Astudillo-Jones (University of Manchester)

Teaching Latin American Cinemas and Global Markets – Stephanie Dennison (University of Leeds)

National Traumatic Flashback: Pablo Larraín’s Post Mortem – Amit Thakker (University of Lancaster)

Carefully Curated Content or Tackling the Bloat: Accessing Latin American Cinema on Netflix, MUBI and Curzon Home Cinema – Niamh Thornton (University of Liverpool) 

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