FILTA is an association of language teachers, film educators and researchers. FILTA was formed for the purpose of providing a forum for the exchange of information related to the use of film in language teaching. FILTA founders are also concerned with issues dealing with education, instruction and training in multimodal literacy and its application to language learning.

The aim is to work with the theoretical framework of “learning in a participatory culture” outlined in the 2006 White Paper “Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century” (Jenkins et al): encouraging online community memberships, the use of collaboration to solve problems, and the use of technology to shape the flow of media. You can find in their website information about the Association’s activities, opportunities for professional training, as well as news about key developments in the application of film for language teaching.

To join the network, you need to be invited. If you have not been invited and you wish to request an invitation, please complete the registration form.