Teacher Training

This project interrogates the impact of the Film in Language Teaching Association (FILTA) in relation to the professional development of teachers who are part of the related Community of Practice (CoP).

FILTA is an association that works as a Community of Practice, with an online presence in the form of a community website that hosts calendar of events, teaching resources, community forum, groups, blogs, etc. As of January 2018, it had over 3,900 members. The lead investigator of this research project is also a co-founder member of the association.

One of the most popular resources of the site are the teaching guides and the teaching training events that take place during the year. The intention of this project is to evaluate the perception of the community of the role that FILTA has had in their professional development as well as the limitations identified. The intention is to produce a report that highlights successes and failures, in order to be able to do comparative research and develop an impact plan that can ensure not only the survival of the community but also effective practice.