The CoMoViWo Project is a multi-institutional project between the Manchester Metropolitan University, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Universitat Politècnica de València, Gdansk University of Technology and the The International Language Association.

The CoMoViWo courses are available via Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) through Canvas and they includes the following modules:

CoMoViWo Syllabus

The CoMoViWo Project focuses on the new language and communication practices in the context of virtual and mobile work. Funding for the project is provided by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) under Erasmus+ programme.

The most important skills needed in communicating in the working life today are sharing information and being able to interact in writing and orally. In addition, being able to conduct negotiations online and interact in technology-mediated situations is essential. On top of this, a professional has to be able to choose the right communication tool depending on situation, language, and cultural background of the participants. An increasing number of people in working life are confronted with these challenges and possibilities of communicating across distances, different languages and diverse cultures in an increasingly complex world of business and trade.

Challenges in Intercultural and Mobile Networking: Dialogue and Collaboration between Higher Education and Enterprises. Manchester Metropolitan University. 7 June 2017.

The CoMoViWo event “Challenges in Intercultural and Mobile Networking: Dialogue and Collaboration between Higher Education and Enterprises” took place at the Manchester Metropolitan University on the 7th June 2017 and it was highly successful. After a networking lunch, Carmen Herrero (MMU) gave the welcome address and introduced participants to the CoMoViWo project and the Canvas courses. Next, Sue Baines (Professor of Social Enterprise at MMU and deputy project director of Innovative Social Investment Strengthening Communities in Europe -INNOSI) spoke about Connections and collaboration between higher education and business. Her presentation focused on experiences of working with businesses, NGOs and local government as full partners and reflected on both the challenges and rewards. This was followed by a presentation by Paul Bason (Director of Digital Innovation at MMU), who spoke about Digital Research and Teaching: Understanding the Skills that Businesses Expect from HE Graduates. After a coffee break, there were two workshops dealing with the following topics: La comunicación intercultural en contextos virtuales, presented by Laura Martín; and Mobile working/mobile communication: Pedagogical practices and tools, presented by Carmen Herrero. The participants were lecturers of English and/or Spanish and representatives of enterprises that have collaborated with the CoMoViWo project.

A Storify presentation of the event is available here: Storify CoMoViWo

Videos of the event in English and Spanish can be accessed below:

The Summer 2017 newsletter and CoMoViWo information leaflets can also be downloaded below:

The researchers for this project have also participated in these activities aiming to disseminate the Comoviwo project information, main objectives and expected outcomes:

The 6th Annual Conference in Innovative Language Teaching and Learning at University (The InfoConference), University of York, 17 June 2016.

FLAME participated with a poster presentation on Comoviwo and an evaluation of data from questionnaires. This conference provided an opportunity for professionals involved in teaching and learning of MFL to share their expertise on current challenges in the Higher Education sector. The 2016 conference included presentations of case studies and projects on innovative ways to enhance employability through teaching and learning MFL at university, including English as a Foreign Language. The following hyperlink provides access to the InnoConf16 presentations, including our poster on CoMoViWo:

Encuentro ELE-UK 2016: Reflecting on teaching and research practice. University of Reading, 24 June 2016.

This Symposium took place at the University of Reading in June 24th 2016. In this event, colleagues and practitioners teaching Spanish from universities around the UK meet to exchange pedagogical proposal and exchange best teaching practices. The Manchester Metropolitan University team, represented by Dr Carmen Herrero, offered an overview of CoMoviWo and data related to the UK, including some clips of the interviews that were carried out as part of our research. The title of the presentation was “Retos lingüísticos y comunicativos de la virtualidad y movilidad en entornos laborales: el Proyecto CoMoViWo”. 25 language lecturers and tutors attended this session.

IX Jornadas Didácticas del Instituto Cervantes de Mánchester. Workshops for teachers of Spanish. Instituto Cervantes Mánchester. 1 July 2016.

Dr Carmen Herrero and Laura Martín Cisneros designed and delivered a 50-minute workshop in Spanish under the title “La comunicación intercultural en contextos virtuales: El Proyecto COMOVIWO”. 25 Spanish language teachers and lecturers participated in the workshop on intercultural communication in virtual environments. The programme and further information on the event can be found in the following link

Expectation of and on international students in UK HE: Investigating mismatching language ontologies and destabilising encounters. Manchester Metropolitan University / University of Leeds. 16 September 2016.

Dr Carmen Herrero presented a paper on “Enhancing language skills and employability for virtual and mobile world: The European Project CoMoViWo.” 50 academics (English language lecturers and Linguistics Lecturers, professors and readers) participated in this symposium.