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Multimodal Input in Second Language Learning

The GRAL group at the University of Barcelona is very pleased to announce a symposium on the topic of Multimodal Input in Second Language Learning.
The symposium will focus on two instances of multimodal input and their effectiveness in L2 classrooms: subtitled videos and audiobooks. This meeting will provide opportunities for colleagues from different contexts and perspectives to share findings in areas such as incidental and intentional language learning through subtitles and reading-while-listening, and to establish research links in these topics. The two-day symposium will comprise presentations by members of GRAL and the following five invited plenary speakers:

Dr. Keiko Koda (Carnegie Mellon University, US)
Dr. Elke Peters (Leuven University, Belgium)
Dr. Michael Rodgers (Carleton University, Canada)
Dr. Roger Vanderplank (University of Oxford, UK)
Dr. Stuart Webb (Western University, Canada)

We are inviting a limited number of posters from researchers working in this field. Abstracts of 200 words can be sent by July 10th at multimodalsymposium2016@gmail.com. Confirmation of acceptance will be given by the end of July.


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