Video Projects in the Language Classroom – updated Feb 2015


Date: 28th February, 2015 Type: Workshop Location: Manchester Metropolitan University.

Registration required in advance. Fee: £60 general, £30 concessions (students, NQT and language assistants) Link for registration and payment: The link is live now:

INSET Videoproject Programme and registration

SESSION 1: BASIC INTRODUCTION. Presented by Jessica Frye.

This session will introduce you to basic video editing skills using Windows Movie Maker (which is included as a standard programme on Windows PCs).  The hands-on practise tasks will help you develop confidence in importing videos, editing them, creating subtitles, adding sound and saving videos for different platforms.

No prior video editing knowledge is required but we are happy to develop additional tasks for those of you who already possess some video editing experience. Just let us know when you sign up for the event.

Then you can choose (in advance) ONE of the following workshops:

WORKSHOP A:  Apps for Video Projects in the Language ClassroomPresented by Jessica Frye and Fereshte Goshtabspour.

In this workshop, you will be shown freely available apps for iPhone and iPad that can be used for video production and editing. There will be plenty of time for hands-on practice, so you can familiarise yourself with the technology. Following this, we will discuss possible classroom projects that will allow you to exploit apps with your language learners.

WORKSHOP B: Revoicing. Presented by Alicia Requena and Marta Suárez.

“Revoicing” consists of replacing the original voice of the actors of a clip for our students’. In this workshop, you will learn about different ways and resources to use this technique to help your students develop their oral expression in their foreign language. Not only do student benefit from pronunciation and intonation, but also authentic material provides the pupil with real speed, conversational vocabulary and cultural elements.

WORKSHOP C: Digital Storytelling in the Language Classroom. Presented by Carmen Herrero and Isabelle Vanderschelden.

This workshop will explore the various ways in which foreign language teachers can use the potential of digital storytelling to help students develop their language, cultural, intercultural and digital skills. The first part will introduce the concept of a digital storytelling project, steps to consider when planning a digital storytelling project, tools and examples of digital stories. The second part will be a hands-on workshop to create a digital story.


About flameresearch

Film, Languages and Media in Education (FLAME) is a pioneering research group at Manchester Metropolitan University established in 2013 and dedicated to the development of research and knowledge exchange activity in the areas of Pedagogy, Languages, Film and Media.
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