CfP – Using Media and Film in the Language Teaching Classroon: Reflections on Research-led Teaching (FLAME Conference 2015)

The main objective of this conference is to bring together teachers, scholars, specialists of language and film education and applied linguists to share current good practices, analyse new emerging trends and methodologies, and explore new avenues. Selected papers will be published in a monographic journal or proceedings (TBC).

Proposals are invited on any aspect of language pedagogy through film, media and new technologies in one of the following formats:

  1. Panels, consisting of 3 papers of 20 minutes and a chairperson.
  2. Individual papers of 20 minutes.
  3. Poster presentations of 5 minutes.
  4. Teaching resources presentation of 20 minutes.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following and their interrelations:

1. Second Language Pedagogy and Film:

  • The use of film and media for the teaching and learning of culture and/or second languages
  • Promoting minority cultures and languages through film
  • Multiliteracies / multilinguism, second language learning and film
  • Filmmaking practice in or outside the classroom for second language learning
  • Multimodal approaches of language learning through film
  • Discourse analysis, film and pedagogy
  • Storytelling as a teaching tool

2. Second Language Pedagogy and New Technologies

  • Web 2.0, CMC, virtual environments and/or social media as a pedagogical tool for language teaching
  • E-portfolios in the classroom for language teaching and learning
  • Audio description, captioning and subtitling as a pedagogical tool
  • Re-voicing and dubbing as a pedagogical tool
  • Audio-visual software in the classroom as a pedagogical tool
  • Mobile applications as pedagogical tools for language teaching
  • Video, mobile and console gaming as pedagogical tools for language teaching

3. Second Language Teaching Training and Audiovisual Media

  • Language learning and film in Primary, Secondary, Higher or Further Education
  • Language learning and film for adult learners
  • Material development for MFL/EFL with film-based materials
  • Language testing and assessment with film and media
  • Language for specific purposes and audio-visual materials
  • Copyright issues when working with film and other media in the classroom

For more information and instructions for submissions, please go to:




About martafsuarez

I am a current PhD Student at the Liverpool John Moores University. I finished her BA (Hons) degree in Spanish Philology in Spain (2004, Licenciatura, UNED), where I also did my PGCE training in Literature and Language (2005, University of Valencia). I obtained a MA in Latin American Cultural Studies at the University of Manchester (2010) with a research on Chicano cultural symbols and self-representation online. My current research looks at the portrayal of immigration in Spanish film. Professionally, I teach film and screenwriting at the LJMU through a GTA scholarship. In 2008 I won the Creative Writing Award "Ana Maria Matute", an annual international award organized by Torremozas, who published the piece later that same year.
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