Confirmed keynote speakers – Conference 2015 (Using Film and Media in the Language Classroom)


Kieran Donaghy Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona Mr Kieran Donaghy

ELT Materials writer, teacher and teacher trainer at Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain)

Mr Donaghy has a MA in TEFL and Business Communication. He has focused his career in creating resources for the use of film in the classroom, which he shares through his blog FilmEnglish obtained in 2013 an ELTons Award (sponsored by the British Council and Cambridge ESOL) for Innovation in Teacher Resources, and a Medea Award (sponsored by the European Lifelong Learning Programme) for the User-Generated content. He is co-author of Films in Health Sciences Education. Kieran is also the founder of “The Image Conference”, on the use of film, video, images and gaming for English teaching. He is currently working on a methodology book on the use of film in language teaching.
PLENARY: Using Film to Teach Languages in a World of Screens

The advent of the digital revolution and the Internet, the proliferation of mobile devices, which allow us to easily and proficiently capture moving images; the introduction of inexpensive, accessible and user-friendly editing tools; and the emergence of distribution sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, have changed the way moving images relate to society, education and language learning forever. This session examines and offers guidance on using moving images critically and creatively in language teaching in a world of screens. The session will be structured in the following way:

  1. We will briefly examine the importance of film in society and education.
  2. We will look at the many benefits of using film in language teaching.
  3. We will examine how the use of film can help students develop all four skills.
  4. We will look at how feature films can be used in and outside the classroom.
  5. We will at generic activities to use with film clips.
  6. We will examine a variety of communicative activities designed around short films.
  7. We will look at how students can create their own short films.
  8. Finally, we will look at websites where students can learn and practise language through film.

About flameresearch

Film, Languages and Media in Education (FLAME) is a pioneering research group at Manchester Metropolitan University established in 2013 and dedicated to the development of research and knowledge exchange activity in the areas of Pedagogy, Languages, Film and Media.
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